6 March 2019

A year ago, already?

Back in March 2018, we finished our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to launch our project: stylish sneakers, handcrafted with traditional savoir-faire and respectful of our human and environmental commitments.

Throwback on this decisive moment that launched the WIBES adventure and a big THANK YOU in pictures.

Thank you to all the backers who supported us during the campaign! Thank you to all who sent us beautiful pictures of Wibes sneakers. You proudly worn them all around the world from Paris to Abidjan, or from Cambodia to Hong-Kong and so many other places!

More than 300 days of school have been financed to our partnered non-profit, the AIFCI.

You already know it. Wibes are designed between Paris and Abidjan, handcrafted in Portugal with wax fabric from Ivory Coast, and worn with style and commitment throughout the world!

Discover our new collection Hybrid Theory and its 3 new sneakers in preview. Continue to follow the adventures of Wibes ; and to back up the actions initiated by our humanitarian association partner.