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team design

Team Design

After the success of the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, the team began creating the Spring-Summer 2019 collection. The founders of Wibes started to look for a designer specialized in sneakers. That’s how the roads of Julian and Nicolas crossed again.

Julian is a childhood friend of Nicolas. At the age of four, they met on school benches in Abidjan. After not being in touch for many years due to 2004 events in Côte d’Ivoire, they found each other again during a trip to Abidjan in July 2017. Julian is now the lead designer and creative director of the team.

The sneakers have no secrets for Julian who worked for several years with major brands such as Lanvin, Maison Galet or Robert Clergerie, and held various positions as assistant creative director or graphic designer. In addition, Julian is more than familiar with the wax since he helped design patterns on these fabrics back in Abidjan.

Aurélie, Nicolas and Julian have designed the next collection SS19 all together. This is the continuity of the previous collection i.e. “with sleek and refined design, with minimalist and modern lines, with the colorful touches of the Ivorian wax, which are the best representation of the mix of the two cultures that makes Wibes today, “says Julian.