Meet the family :
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The tote bags, an abidjan adventure

Handcrafted in a small workshop located in Cocody, historic district of Abidjan, the totes bags are made by François, the tailor-in-chief of Wibes and his team. The workshop grew up from 2 people to nearly six working everyday ! Promoting local savoir-faire is also an important goal for Wibes. This is why each piece of the tote bags is made by hand with recycled cotton and wax remaining from other creation of François.

An expert and family factory

Shoes have a soul, they will give life to the person who chooses them; and everything starts in our factory!


These are the words of Luis, who, for 40 years, has been keeping a watchful eye on the production line of this Portuguese family workshop.

Aurélie & Nicolas have made the choice to manufacture the Wibes in Europe and especially in Portugal to combine savoir-faire and quality. Portugal is a country specialized in the work of footwear and leather goods. It is therefore to a family workshop, expert in the handcrafting of quality shoes for several decades, that the founders of Wibes have decided to give the responsibility of making their dream shoes. During a trip in Portugal, we were able to meet the workers making our shoes and discover the quality of their work and the attention they pay to each stage of creation.